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Use Tap50:50's platform to help your local charities, non-profits or sports teams

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Each province or state has their own rules and regulations towards charitable gaming. Let's start here.

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To understand an industry, one must know the language. This is an effort to standardize the raffle industry lingo

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If you are a sports team....click here. You won't be disappointed. This is the next wave of electronic raffles.

Curriculum Vitae

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Sean O'Hagan is the designer, developer and operator of a dynamic online and electronic raffle system.  He is the CEO of Tap50:50 Event Consultants, a registered supplier to charitable gaming.

He has several outstanding patents in the electronic raffling space and had considerable input into the GLI-31 technical specs for electronic 50/50 raffles.

Raffle Platform


Do these Really go together?

We have put our money where our mouth is.  We have built the cadillac of raffle management systems, utilizing Oracle Database Software...it wasn't cheap.  The Robustness and Security offered by Oracle cannot be beat.  We utilize software that can not only handle your event, but can handle a whole country's raffle needs.

We based our design on a Hong Kong lottery company that provides national lotteries around the globe.  We think we can handle whatever you throw at us.


Helping Charities with a Chance to Get Lucky!

TAP 50:50 provides technologies to broaden the reach of non-profit organizations and charities by automating their 50/50 raffles in a safe, secure, and increasingly exciting way. We are a service provider to the gaming industry.

Our mission is maximize charitable revenues by ensuring that gaming activity is conducted honestly, with integrity and in the public interest.  To be the leading edge service provider to the charitable gaming industry, utilizing state of the art technology solutions.

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Raffle vs Lottery

page1_img2 Not sure what the difference is between a raffle and a Lottery?  You're not alone.  Many states feel the same way.

As the subject matter is somewhat muddied, I have tried to define a lottery and a raffle so it is more clear to readers the difference between the two...

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