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Electronic Raffle Industry Definitions

Education is the movement from darkness to light - Allan Bloom Regulators, developers, operators and charities don't always talk the same language and confusion can occur.  For purposes of this blogsite and in an attempt to standardize the language surrounding electronic and online raffles, below is a list of definitions used in this space. Electronic Raffle…
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Custom Electronic Raffles

Customize your own electronic raffle.  You are no longer stuck with just a local electronic 50/50 raffle at your game!

If your team uses an electronic raffle at your game that's great.  I don't care who's system it is.....good for you.  However if you want to be awesome on and off the field/ice then try Tap5050's electronic 50/50 solution along with a season long progressive raffle or a customized raffle, designed for your specific sport.  Contact