About us

We provide electronic raffle systems to charities and non-profits!

Tap50:50 electronic raffle system is a little different

Hi, I'm glad you're here.  My name is Sean O'Hagan and I am the CEO of Tap50:50 Event Consultants Ltd, an electronic raffling solution provider to charitable gaming.  We have created this site to help provide information to charities, non-profits, sports teams, regulators and individuals interested in working in the electronic raffling/fundraising sector.

Why isn't all this information on our Tap50:50 website?

Well our Tap5050 site is made from Oracle Application Express, which runs on an Oracle database.  It is not meant for blogging, showing videos and adding other technologies that may introduce vulnerabilities to our raffle platform.  Sure it's a marketing brochure, but behind that brochure is the portal to our raffle application.  We have made choices that do not allow rich media content easily on that site.  So raffle.expert was born, which is an informative blogging site that promotes electronic raffles and probably more specifically our solution to electronic and online raffles systems.



Our advantages



We have made some very different choices than our competitors.  The biggest choice was using Oracle as the database platform of choice due to it's security, and scalability.  We have always put security first.  We think your electronic or online raffle should be as secure as possible....don't you?



Electronic raffles in itself was innovative.  This innovation led to success.  Success led to "me too" companies.  We do not want to be a "me too" company, and have brought a number of key innovations to the electronic raffling field.


Cost Effectiveness

We use a centralized server so there is no need to purchase a server.  Our raffle ticketing terminals were built with one thing in mind...doing transactions!  You cannot surf the web or play pacman  on our machines and with a built in printer there is no need of having to purchase an additional costly hip printer.  That's real savings to the charity!