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List of Texas Pro Teams that Qualify for 50/50 Raffles under Proposition 5

Proposition 5 added to the list of Professional Sports Teams that can host electronic 50/50 raffles at their games.  It also removed the barrier that the team had to have a foundation prior to 2016 although they do need a charitable foundation. “Professional sports team charitable foundation” means an organization that: (A) holds a certificate…
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Computers are invading Canadian Lotteries

The Canadian lottery industry had been held at bay by an obscure clause in the criminal code know as clause 207.4. The clause was originally added in 1979 and amended once in 1984. The clause stated that “computers cannot be used in the conduct and management of lottery schemes”.  Different provincial regulators interpreted the clause…
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What’s going on in Canada with Online Lotteries and Raffles?

You're likely well aware Canada has amended criminal code 207 that deals with charitable gaming and giving the provinces the right to allow lotteries and raffles for charitable purposes.  The code was amended in December of 2014 which opened the doors for online raffles, random number generators choosing winners and payment of prizes.  The push…
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Canadian Criminal Code 207

I’ve written about changes to criminal code 207 in the past but have actually posted the change in the code that allows charitable gaming in Canada to offer online lotteries.  The change is really in 207. (4.1) Permitted lotteries 207. (1) Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this Part relating to gaming and betting, it…
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Computers, Math, Raffles and Random Number Generators

The federal government has changed criminal code 207(4) c to allow the provinces the right to allow charitable gaming on or through a computer.  This change opens the door for charities to adopt the use of random number generators (RNGs) for their raffles in Canada. In many US jurisdictions this is already a reality.  Random…
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Minnesota online lottery gambling takes a step back

Please note this is not my article.  It was written by Paul Hastings LLP and can be found here:   Sometimes it seems as though just about anything can be purchased online these days.  Books.  Clothes.  Shoes.  Medicines.  Alcohol.  Movies, music  and other forms of entertainment. For most commodities and pastimes, there often is…
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