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General information regarding electronic raffles and electronic raffle systems and electronic raffle platforms along with online raffles.

Minnesota online lottery gambling takes a step back

Please note this is not my article.  It was written by Paul Hastings LLP and can be found here:   Sometimes it seems as though just about anything can be purchased online these days.  Books.  Clothes.  Shoes.  Medicines.  Alcohol.  Movies, music  and other forms of entertainment. For most commodities and pastimes, there often is…
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Video Gamers Charity Potential

Note:  This is not my article.  It has been taken from here: The multi-million dollar video game industry could be a goldmine for charity fundraisers, an online fundraising conference based in the UK has been told. With the number of gamers on the rise and with the average gamer now spending more than 20 minutes…
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Tap50:50 Raffle Security Control Framework

Tap5050 has recognized the need for an adequate security and integrity standard for lottery/raffle organizers from its foundation and has developed further the work done by the World Lottery Association. Lottery/raffle organizers have a business need to develop environments that maintain a visible and documented security and integrity position so as to retain the confidence…
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Online Raffles Coming to Canada

Online Raffles and Random Number Generators are Coming to Canada I cannot find the official transcript of The Criminal Code of Canada which defines what types of gaming activities are illegal in Canada, however from an industry source I am told amendments to criminal code 206 and 207 have been made as of December 16, 2014.…
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Electronic Raffles of the Future

I'm cheating a bit here.  Most of these thoughts are snippets from Gambling and the Law by Nelson Rose, with my electronic raffle/Sean O'Hagan twists. Chaos theory dictates small changes can lead to enormous unpredictable results.  I believe this.  How did the invention of a phone change the camera and music industry forever?  Technology can create…
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Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation affects Charities

How does Canada's Anti-Spam legislation affect charitable raffles? First of all, when it comes to legislation, nothing is easy.  The CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) is no different.  There are plenty of rules and regulations surrounding this legislation, brought into effect July 1, 2014.  In fact, charities and non-profits have their own subsections or exclusions on…
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