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innovation in the electronic raffle sector

Donor Retention Management

Donors or Gamblers   Are purchasers of charitable raffle tickets gamblers or donors? Many participants are gamblers. They just want entertainment and a chance to win the jackpot. Others are motivated to participate in a charitable raffle by their belief in that charities work.  Probably most players participate for both reasons, the possibility of winning…
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Custom Electronic Raffles

Customize your own electronic raffle.  You are no longer stuck with just a local electronic 50/50 raffle at your game!

If your team uses an electronic raffle at your game that's great.  I don't care who's system it is.....good for you.  However if you want to be awesome on and off the field/ice then try Tap5050's electronic 50/50 solution along with a season long progressive raffle or a customized raffle, designed for your specific sport.  Contact