Electronic Raffle and Online Raffle Management Solution

Lower Cost of Entry for Charities

We have put all our technology into our raffle software, and our secure centralized server. The handheld machines we use by industry standards are inexpensive as their only real function is to make a transaction. This is what they were designed to do. Other solutions utilize powerful mobile computers, with Bluetooth technology and mobile printers. In our assessment current solutions have their technology priorities backwards.  Utilizing expensive front-end raffle pos or RSU's (raffle sales units) is an over-engineered solution as there is no need to play Pacman with your raffle POS.  Ironically their backends are based on mysql, a free software solution and this in our opinion is a mistake.  I talk more on our Oracle database backend solution below.  For non-profits that purchase our equipment this means considerable cost-savings on the handheld machines while having a more secure, scalable and robust backend raffle management platform.

Having a centralized server also means that a charity does not have to purchase and maintain a server. The key word here is maintain. Although servers are not that expensive, the maintenance of a server requires professional monitoring which a non-profit does not have to worry about as we take care of it.

Our Electronic Raffle Platform Backend.....ORACLE!

The core of a raffle system is it's database.  Tap50:50 uses Oracle software for it's database and enterprise management.

Oracle is an American multinational computer technology corporation that specializes in developing and marketing hardware systems and enterprise software products-particularly database management systems.  Oracle employs approximately 108,000 people worldwide as of May 31, 2011.  It has enlarged its share of the software market through organic growth and through a number of high-profile acquisitions.  By 2007 Oracle had the third largest software revenue after microsoft and IBM.

At one point, Oracle Corporation marketed many of its products using the slogan "Can't break it, Can't break in," or "Unbreakable."  This signifies a demand on information security.  Oracle Corporation also stresses the reliability of networked databases and network access to databases as major selling points.

When we designed our online and electronic raffle management system we wanted "unbreakable".


Onsite servers require more onsite infrastructure, can be susceptible to tampering, and are prone to the facilities limitations. Furthermore, unlike our VPN/Firewall a server stores data. This data is potentially hackable, can be copied, or a server’s hard drive can be stolen. A VPN/Fiirewall contains no storage capability therefore all data storage remains offsite in a secure internet data center (IDC) and therefore is not susceptible to these vulnerabilities.
TAP 50:50’s server is kept offsite therefore it is important to provide secure data transfer and storage. To maintain the security of an offsite solution with the convenience of an onsite solution TAP 50:50 utilizes the following measures:

• Secure VPN
• Secure IDC
• Private IP address block
• Static IP addresses
• Disk Encryption
• Antivirus and Malware Protection
• Regular offsite backup

Secure Internet Data Center

Internet Data Centers are a secure location for servers. They can provide a host of physical security controls such as zoned photo ID cards/keycard access, biometric scanning technology, remote CCTV camera surveillance and footage archiving, onsite security personnel and access master list verification. The TAP 5050 IDC utilizes:

• Employee background checks
• Security guards
• CCTV and Infrared cameras
• Logged key card and biometric access
• Monitored alarms
• Locked server racks
• SAS70 Type 1 Certification

Employee Background Checks

The TAP 5050 IDC performs an RCMP background check on all its employees.

Security Guards

The IDC is located 100 meters from a Saskatoon Police department. The grounds are also independently monitored by Innovation Place security teams and are regularly patrolled by the University of Saskatchewan security services.

CCTV and Infrared Camera Monitoring

All entrances to the server rooms are monitored by both CCTV cameras and in low light conditions by Infrared cameras.

Logged Key Card and Biometric Thumbprint Access

All access to server rooms is by logged card and biometric thumbprint access only and requires an escort by an IDC employee.

Monitored Alarms

Each server room is alarmed and monitored by SaskTel SecureTek alarm systems.
SAS70 Certification

TAP 5050’s IDC is currently engaged in achieving SAS70 Type 1 certification through Audit One inc.

Locked Server Racks

The TAP 5050 servers are locked in their own rack and only two keys exist.


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