Electronic Raffles of the Future

I'm cheating a bit here.  Most of these thoughts are snippets from Gambling and the Law by Nelson Rose, with my electronic raffle/Sean O'Hagan twists.

Chaos theory dictates small changes can lead to enormous unpredictable results.  I believe this.  How did the invention of a phone change the camera and music industry forever?  Technology can create it's own demand.  I wouldn't buy a rotary phone, a tv that you had to manually change channels, a car without power locks.  Once the genie is out of the bottle for technology, it cannot be put back in.  It is very difficult to "uninvent" something.

Technology also can blur moral lines.  I posed to a computer science professor while I was doing my MBA that if technology vs ethics were to have a fight, technology would win to which she was appalled.  I followed it up with "If an alien race came to Earth and offered us the technology to travel 30 times faster than our current technology but it would require us to sacrifice a million people a year and a small chunk of our planet.  We would take that deal"  She thought that was ridiculous and said as much.  I responded with "That's exactly what cars do."

I'm getting a little off topic, but maybe you can see where I am heading.  Traditional casino games are now offered online, but millenials find them boring.  The latest wave has been so-called social games that can look a lot more interesting and fun to play than their traditional counterparts.  These games are currently not regulated....but by all measurements they are a form of gambling.  Laws do react, after the fact, to unexpected developments.  But if the demand has been created, technology will eventually find ways of getting around the legal barriers.  Will the law be able to cope?  law constantly has to adjust to technological developments in gambling, designing new means of control.

So what will the future forms of gambling and more specifically raffles be like?  The immediate future is more computerized games played on monitors.  The internet and mobile phones are not going anywhere anytime soon.  Remote wagering will thrive...even more so if suppliers and operators develop games that are as appealing as Angry Birds.

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