Curriculum Vitae – Sean O’Hagan

 Sean O'Hagan

Sean O’Hagan is the designer, developer and operator of a dynamic online and electronic raffle system.  He is the CEO of Tap50:50 Event Consultants, a registered supplier to charitable gaming.  Tap50:50 has built the first accredited online platform for charitable gaming in North America and Sean helped create the GLI-31 standard for electronic 50/50 raffles.

His undergraduate degree is in Finance at the University of Saskatchewan and his MBA is from Trinity College, Dublin in the area of Strategic Management.  Sean’s Background  as a Derivatives Specialist and Bond Trader in London serves well in unique raffle design as these fields rely heavily on probabilities.  He has several outstanding patents in the electronic raffling space.

Sean is a certified PMP (project management professional).   He is available for industry consultation and can help regulators provide a regulatory framework that takes all stakeholders into account although his true passion is building unique electronic or online raffle offerings.  If your charitable organisation would like a uniquely designed raffle for their charitable purposes email

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