• Online Raffle Cute Ad

    Online Raffle Cute Ad

    We would like to get more involved with customizing a raffle for you.  We have some great electronic and online…

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  • Sports Teams/Large Raffle Consulting

    Sports Teams/Large Raffle Consulting

    The business model is very simple.  Our charge is $6000.00 plus expenses to come to your stadium, analyze your current…

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  • Regulatory Review and Recommendations

    Regulatory Review and Recommendations

    Comprehensive regulatory analysis with regard to charitable gaming policy terms and conditions is available.  Two levels of policy review are…

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  • Want an Electronic Raffle Solution

    Want an Electronic Raffle Solution

    If you would like to help charities raise money through electronic 50/50 raffles or promoting customized electronic raffles then goto  Tap5050. Currently…

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