What is an electronic raffle?

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Cute electronic or online raffle ad


No longer just a simple 50/50 raffle.

We have created a whole echo-system around electronic

and online raffles


Here's a clip advertising an electronic sports pool raffle.

The results of the game dictate the winner of the raffle.


We are looking for entrepreneurs to run

our raffle software in their local markets

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  • Online Raffle Cute Ad

    Online Raffle Cute Ad

    We would like to get more involved with customizing a raffle for you.  We have some great electronic and online…

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  • Sports Teams/Large Raffle Consulting

    Sports Teams/Large Raffle Consulting

    The business model is very simple.  Our charge is $6000.00 plus expenses to come to your stadium, analyze your current…

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  • Regulatory Review and Recommendations

    Regulatory Review and Recommendations

    Comprehensive regulatory analysis with regard to charitable gaming policy terms and conditions is available.  Two levels of policy review are…

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  • Want an Electronic Raffle Solution

    Want an Electronic Raffle Solution

    If you would like to help charities raise money through electronic 50/50 raffles or promoting customized electronic raffles then goto  Tap5050. Currently…

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